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Ordering forms

    -----------------    Ordering Form   -----------------

Just print this order form, fill it out and send it to the address below

No. or order      Price    Total  Price
    Egyptian paste
 instruction booklet
3.90 Euros         
     Egyptian paste
  Handmade card
  4.50 Euros
   Pack of 5 variety
   Egyptian cards
   20   Euros
  Card with wild    
    flower seeds           
 3. 80Euros


    2 Euros
( 1 euro for the booklet & less than 2 cards of order )

   ________ Euros

Name /                                                   Signature /
Address /
Phone # /                                            E-mail /

Please enclose a Euro check named to Aya Ikeda
Address: 36 avenue du parc 59380 SOCX FRANCE
-  Note -
If you wish to ask questions by phone , please contact me by
e-mail first. I will let you know  the contact number.